After owning an in-ground pool for over 30 years I finally found a product that is everything and more then it is advertised as being!

Over the last 30 years I tried all the Chlorine and Baquacil products they had on the market only to spend a lot of money ($400.00 to in some years $900.00 a year) and time to have a pool that never was right or looked good.

I was at the point of HATING THIS POOL!

Every day it was another problem to take care of, I would wait to the very last minute to open it in the summer and only after my wife, children and grandchildren would hound me so much that I would have to open it. I would personally never even get in it anymore.

Last year we thought, we would try one of the products all the pool chemical stores and pool installers call SNAKE OIL, a product they say will never work.

I talked to some of the very few people I know and trusted, that used this product, or a product that was based the same technology.

The product I decided to try was CAREFREE CLEARWATER.

This product turned out to be the very best product I have ever used in the 30 years I owned a pool. I can not put into words how pleased and excited I am about the Carefree Clearwater Copper /Silver ion system I bought.

After getting the water balanced the way they recommend I started the unit up, within 2 days the ions were at the recommended range and the water looked better than it ever did.

I tested the water every day for the first 2 weeks and was amazed how it would always be right in the perfect recommended ranges.

Steve Aughenbaugh, PA

I am one of your extremely satisfied customers! I’ve only replaced the electrode twice in over 14 years… (Unbelievable, I know, especially since it’s installed on an ‘indoor’ pool that’s used year round).

John Santini Jr. – MI

We are so pleased with the Carefree Clearwater System installed in our Church Baptismal Fountain. It has operated totally trouble-free for seven years. We clean the electrode annually, the only maintenance required. I would be happy to recommend the system without reservation.

Lou Mihaly – Ohio

My Carefree Clearwater system is one of the best products I have ever owned. American Technology, American Made. It’s the only way to go. Thanks!

John Hassell NC

We just love the ionizer and the ease of care our pool has become!

Louise Biggie Castine, ME

I just wanted to give you some feed back on the 1100 Ion system I purchased a few months ago. I had my pool refinished and started using it. All I can say is that I love it, my wife loves it and everyone I know I’ve been talking to about it is interested in it. My wife loves the no chlorine smell, no tight skin after coming out of the water, no chlorine to play with, no burning eyes. The water is crystal clear. I have a DE filter and run it 8 hours at the 10% level and it seems to be perfect. I have two friends who use the salt system and the other uses the Baquacil system. They are not happy and are asking me how much I like what I have now. Yesterday, I had an A/C repairman over to balance the new A/C system in the house and we were talking about the chlorine in the pool and about his wife’s colored hair and the effect the chlorine has upon her hair color,(taking out the color and expense or having it redone), he was very interested. One last sentence about your product – I love it, and I like the fact no more money being wasted on chlorine or the smell. Thanks again for a great product.

Rich Boothby Spring Hill, Florida

I am writing to tell you how much more enjoyable our pool has become since installing your Model 1200-R ionizer. In 2003, we were using Baquacil products and had a nightmare of a season. Now we only have memories of black water mold, white clumps of algae and a nightmare of a season. Since installing your ionizer, our pool water has been perfect. It has been crystal clear all summer – clearer than it had ever been using Baquacil or chlorine. No odor is present whatsoever and the water has been silky. I don’t know how else to describe it. Your product is wonderful – better than I ever imagined! Thank you for improving our pool owning experience one hundred percent.

Jeffrey Neal Gelfon Roxbury, VT

I installed a Model 1200 ionizer this past spring for my 16 X 32 vinyl in ground pool. That was absolutely, without question the best and smartest thing I have ever done for my pool in the 18 years I have owned it. I had only used Baquacil until this year, and every year I was constantly fighting green algae from about the first week of July until the end of the season. This year with the ionizer, not one speck of algae, and perfectly crystal clear water every day.

Donald Lassiter Aulander, NC

I have been using my current unit for 10 years and it has been absolutely wonderful and has saved me untold dollars on pool maintenance. Almost without exception, visitors always comment how clear and sparkling my pool water appears. My pool will be in service twenty years this coming January 2006 and needless to say the first ten years of maintenance was a nightmare compared to the last ten years with your Model 1100 installed.

Jerry Cunningham Abilene, TX

It’s been 7 months since I installed the ionizer at my home in San Diego. This thing is the greatest piece of equipment I have ever owned. Throughout this winter, the pool has stayed perfectly clear without any chlorine or any shock (and I do mean perfectly clear). The ions remain totally stable without any adjustment (i.e., I don’t have to adjust for temperature or anything else).

Dr. Perlman – San Diego, CA