Happy Clients. Customer Testimonials.

Steve Aughenbaugh, PA

After owning an in-ground pool for over 30 years I finally found a product that is everything and more then it is advertised as being! Over the last 30 years…
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John Santini Jr. – MI

I am one of your extremely satisfied customers! I’ve only replaced the electrode twice in over 14 years… (Unbelievable, I know, especially since it’s installed on an ‘indoor’ pool that’s…
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Lou Mihaly – Ohio

We are so pleased with the Carefree Clearwater System installed in our Church Baptismal Fountain. It has operated totally trouble-free for seven years. We clean the electrode annually, the only…
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John Hassell NC

My Carefree Clearwater system is one of the best products I have ever owned. American Technology, American Made. It’s the only way to go. Thanks!

Louise Biggie Castine, ME

We just love the ionizer and the ease of care our pool has become!

Rich Boothby Spring Hill, Florida

I just wanted to give you some feed back on the 1100 Ion system I purchased a few months ago. I had my pool refinished and started using it. All…
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Jeffrey Neal Gelfon Roxbury, VT

I am writing to tell you how much more enjoyable our pool has become since installing your Model 1200-R ionizer. In 2003, we were using Baquacil products and had a…
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Donald Lassiter Aulander, NC

I installed a Model 1200 ionizer this past spring for my 16 X 32 vinyl in ground pool. That was absolutely, without question the best and smartest thing I have…
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Jerry Cunningham Abilene, TX

I have been using my current unit for 10 years and it has been absolutely wonderful and has saved me untold dollars on pool maintenance. Almost without exception, visitors always…
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Dr. Perlman – San Diego, CA

It’s been 7 months since I installed the ionizer at my home in San Diego. This thing is the greatest piece of equipment I have ever owned. Throughout this winter,…
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Criag Panzano, NJ

As you know the traditional chemical system that was used in the YMCA-YMCA pools had caused our swimmers considerable breathing problems. We have national caliber swimmers and it is important…
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Ann L. Swenson, NJ

Our two pools are among the busiest indoor pools in the country, with over 1,000 men, women and children using them each day. Maintaining appropriate pool chemistry had become very…
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J. Robert Sheppard, NJ

The YMCA has been helped tremendously by the installation of the Carefree Clearwater purification systems in our two indoor swimming pools and whirlpool. Water quality is greatly improved and the…
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Jeff Miller, GA

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with your Ion-Generator equipment line. The unit I placed on my pool has performed just as…
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Carolyn Seafler, WV

I have had my pool for 8 years and really never had enjoyed it until this year. In May of 1988 we had an ionization unit installed in our swimming…
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Jerry Sanders, GA

I have been well pleased with the performance of the Carefree Clearwater ionization unit since installing it on my pool over two years ago. The unit has completely automated the…
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Mike & Nancy Brannon, GA

It is a pleasure for me to tell you how much we enjoy our pool since having your ionization system installed in the summer of 1988. What a joy it…
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Ernest D. Park, AL

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have been greatly satisfied by the performance of your ionizer (Model 1100). Its performance was very reliable and a lot…
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Mike and Karen Foreman,WV

Thank you for the prompt and courteous service. We installed our ionizer last June and were amazed at how much clearer our pool looked overnight! We’ve been pool owner since…
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Robert A. Bishop, MD

I purchased one of your systems in May 1999. All I can say is WOW! I wish I had known about your system when I installed my pool eight years…
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Joe Grasshorn, FL

Pool ownership has changed from a vicious expensive nightmare to a luxurious experience. With my Carefree Clearwater ionizer, I’ve bypassed the pink algae that was present all summer in this…
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William K. Hoshall, NC

Ownership of our pool is now a pleasure and not a nightmare as it was before. No more pink algae, water mold, nothing but sparkling clear water. In fact it…
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Earl McFerrin – NC

July 29th, 2002 email: We began using your system last spring after having a horrible bout with yellow algae the previous summer. We had used Baquacil for years, but the…
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Earl McFerrin – NC

March 22nd 2007 We bought a model 1200-R water purifier (have a 30,000 gallon pool) 5 years ago, and absolutely love it – performance could not be better! We use…
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The Rose Family – CA

Something I have never done before As the title states, I have never ever written a manufacturer to let them know how absolutely fantastic their product is. The first year…
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Questions & Answers


The process of an atom gaining or losing electrons is called ionization. The Carefree Clearwater system generates copper and silver ions in minute quantities for water purification.


Yes! Copper is a needed micronutrient in our diets. In fact, in order to meet the recommended minimum daily requirements, you would have to drink a gallon of your ionized pool water per day. (But there are better ways to get your proper nutrition!) The EPA standard for our drinking water is 1.3 ppm of copper. Less than one-fourth of this amount is all that’s needed to purify your pool!


A safe low DC current like that of several flashlight batteries is passed through a set of copper and silver alloy anodes. As the water passes through the sealed chamber, metallic ions are generated to purify the water. The microscopic action of the ions with the algae and bacteria are twofold. First, the algae and bacteria are destroyed through a change in their enzyme processes. Second, all these charged particles floc together and then they are more effectively pulled out by the filter. The ions maintain a stable sanitizer residual in the water until they are used up by this process.


The Carefree Clearwater system maintains superior water quality. (Eliminate using a minimal halogen level). Occasionally though you will need to oxidize the water to help break down excess organic debris from suntan oils, rain and wind etc. Using a non-chlorine oxidizer allows you to swim shortly after application. Water balance is easy to maintain since the ion system is pH neutral. Normal water testing and adjustments are all that’s needed.


Since 1985, Carefree Clearwater has set the standard as the leading manufacturer of ionization technology. We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent quality and customer service. One of the main design differences is the Carefree Clearwater system reads the changing conditions of the anode and water chemistry and adjusts the power output appropriately. This means assurance of accurate metering of the ion flow. Also our exclusive metallurgy and anode design provides self cleaning, ease of maintenance and better water quality.


It actually saves you money. It operates on less than a penny a day electricity. And the savings continue as long as you own your pool. When you consider your high level chemical costs (chlorine, bromine or polymeric biguanide, stabilizers, algicides and clarifiers) and your indirect costs (premature aging of the pool equipment and pool surfaces – a new liner or replastering; bleached swim wear and destruction of plants, your skin, eyes and hair etc.), it pays for itself quickly and from there on it saves you thousands.

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